Advantages Of Non-Stick Cookware


Going for shopping of cookware can be really difficult as there can be several thoughts in the mind that can come. However, there are several benefits of using non stick cookware, which includes less usage of oil and can make the meals much more healthier. This is a really important factor.

And if you are still unsure what exactly to buy, here are some benefits of non stick cookware that might just change your mind and make you sure what to buy.

  1. Tasty meals can be cooked without much oilGone are the days when oily and fried foods were considered to be tasty and mouthwatering. Too much oily food can deteriorate your health to a great extent. However, again, there are hardly any recipes which require no oil. But, if you start using non-stick cookware instead of stainless frying pans, you can enjoy the same dish without too much oil.

    Rockline Kadhai by Shri and Sam
    Cookware like Shri and Sam sets an example of such non stick cookware which helps maintain the daily requirement of oil. The base of almost every non stick cookware is aluminum which has non stick coating on the aluminum, the coating keeps the food from sticking. Due to the fast cooking, the chances of food half cooked is also very low.


  2. Non stick cookware is easy to clean and maintainWhenever you are using non stick tawa or a fry pan, you will not have to rub the surface again and again while cleaning it. Online other cookwares, non stick cookware gets cleaned in no time. This cookware does not absorb any kind of oil or does not retain any kind of oil, so the cleaning goes real smooth.

    You also need to make sure that you do not wash non stick cookware with metallic scrubbers, you should only wash them using sponge.

    Caldera Non-Stick Kadhai


  3. Non stick cookware is scratch resistantThe non-stick cookware that you are using is not just perfect for cooking and cleaning, they also last longer than the other utensils. Why? Because the surface of such cookware is highly scratch resistant.
    However, while you decide to use a non-stick pan or a tawa, you have to keep in mind that  the use of the right spoon is very important. The non-stick coating can be ruined if you use any normal ladle, or spoons that are made of steel. Use nylon kitchen tools if you wish to keep the surface of your cookware intact. The longevity of your cookware depends on how you use it.

    Non-Stick Mosaic Kadhai

4.  They can suit any kind of kitchen because they are beautiful

Non stick cookware these days are built from modern day technology and manufacturers have also improved the non stick coatings to make them much more healthier. The modern day technology has helped non stick cookware with greater and better designs. These modern day designs are getting even stylish. Steel cookware after a point looses its shine, but non stick cookware if cared properly does not loose its color or shape.

Non-stick cookware can be used  regularly and still remains beautiful for a very long time. The better the quality of the coating will be the more it will last. It also depends on how many layers of coating are done on the particular piece, that also defines for how long the utensil look the same. It is preferred to buy cookware with two or more layers of non-stick coating. These days non stick cookware comes in many bright colors too, so that the end consumer can get variety. All in all, it compliments any kind of kitchen really well.

5. Even Heat Distribution

While you cook it is really important that the heat spreads evenly. This way food can be prepared easily and quickly too. Whenever you are using steel cookware, there might be uneven distribution of heat until its not sandwich bottom, it takes more time to cook due to the lack of uniform distribution. On the other hand while you cook on non-stick cookware, it spreads the heat evenly and thats how the food is prepared faster. This implies that it saves a lot of gas too.

Generally, these days lives have become so quick that no one has that much time to devote in cooking and then eating. People want fast cooking solutions to save time and energy. Non- stick cookware is the perfect example for such people.

Rockline Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

Precautions With Non Stick Cookware

  1. It is not microwave friendly.
  2. It is not oven friendly.
  3. Metallic scrubs should not be used to clean, only sponge should be used.
  4. You cannot preheat non stick cookware empty.

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