Saatvic – Raajsic – Taamsic (guide to the india food system)

We cannot deny the fact that the food that we consume nourishes our bodies. However, there is much more to understand than just the nourishment aspect of food. According to the ancient Vedic texts, food has been divided into three broad categories depending on its effect on the human body physically and mentally. It is essential to understand facts about the food we consume so that it can benefit our bodies.

What is Sattvic food?

It is a prevalent thing for elders or enlightened people to understand the importance of Sattvic food and spread awareness amongst the younger generation. Sattvic food consists of healthy, simple, and light fare options. This type of food neither contains too much salt or spices. It is believed that sattvic food helps in the purification of the mind and body of a person. Foods that are not processed and consist of raw nutrients come under this category. 

Advantages of Sattvic food

Sattvic food is believed to offer various advantages as listed below;

  1. Improves mental health
  2. Increases positivity
  3. Improves immunity

Rice, wheat, legumes, oats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds are all sattvic foods. Milk also falls in this category. However, after pasteurization, it becomes Tamasic. 

What is Rajasic food?

Any food that we get after harming living beings is called Rajasic food. Even though it is produced after causing harm to an element of the society, it still has some benefits to offer;

  1. Improves decision making
  2. It gives the body high levels of energy
  3. Develops a robust mind

The disadvantages of rajasic food are:

  1. May cause disturbance in the mind and body of a person
  2. Increases the aggressive nature of a person
  3. Causes hyperactivity
  4. Overexertion

Spicy meats, fish, vegetables like potato, cabbage, and cauliflower are all Rajasic foods. Tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, fried and preserved foods also fall under this food category. 

What is Tamasic food?

This type of food is made by causing harm to other living creatures. Even if sattvic food is consumed in a Tamasic environment. The food will become Tamasic. This type of food is weighty to digest by our digestive system. Advantages of Tamasic food:

  1. Provides mental stability
  2. Improves immunity against cold
  3. It gives more strength to do strenuous physical work
  4. Helps sleep better

Disadvantages of Tamasic food are:

  1. The dull appearance of the face
  2. Faster aging
  3. Response time reduces
  4. Too many mood swings
  5. Makes body sluggish
  6. Tiredness

Watermelon, avocado, apricots, mushrooms, garlic, fish, and meat fall under the Tamasic food category. 


There is no argument in the fact that food is essential for the survival of every human being. We should not ignore the impact that the food we consume has on our bodies and minds. Learning from the three categories of food, which are Sattvic food, Rajasic food, and Tamasic food, we can understand that food directly impacts the personality and well-being of the human body. Hence we must make the right choice depending on the kind of life we wish to live.

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