History of Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is one of the most popular street foods in India, perhaps even as popular as Beyoncé. What can be more exciting and satiating than enjoying Chole Bhature for breakfast with lassi and pickle. It is a famous dish that originated initially in north India but now has gained a massive following around the whole of India and even internationally. Chole Bhature or chana Bhatura is made of spicy masala chana (white chickpeas) and served with fried white Bhatura (fried bread made from white flour). It is a complete meal usually served with pickles made of onion and carrot along with onion rings in chutney.

The Origin Story of Chole Bhature

Finger licking zesty dishes like Chole Bhature has its own food history. This amazing lip-smacking dish dates back to 1940s in northern India states like Delhi, Punjab, UP and Haryana. If we talk about the history of Chole Bhature, then its origin story is connected to Delhi where it was first started as a mouth-watering breakfast dish. This is one of the best food experiments that worked wonders and became the national meal for many people in India. The demand for this dish has crossed state and international borders that even people from South India have started serving this easy cooked yummy-delicious meal. It is served as a common street food in various famous international restaurants, food trucks and hotels.

Work of Food Art

This simple, yet flavoursome dish is loved by billions around the world and doesn’t require much effort to prepare. Even though the whole concept of preparing Chole Bhature at home seems easy and convenient option but it is a work of art. The secret behind the whole recipe is how tasty is the Chole (Chickpeas). Gravy of your chole and softness of a Bhatura is the real soul of this dish. Chole Bhature is cooked with Indian spices like coriander powder, curry leaves, garam masala, cumin seeds, ginger, garlic, clove, turmeric, red chilli and masala powder. Tossed in these right spices along with Onion and tomato, you can turn your Chole Bhature into an amazing dish. The real taste of soft and salty fried Bhature eaten with Chole will take you into a virtual heaven.  

International Chole Bhature Day

It’s a true fact, 2nd October is celebrated as Chole Bhature day. This unique concept started by its admirers in 2012, when a foodie from Delhi started this trend on social media to bind the lovers of Chole Bhature and share pictures of them preparing and eating it. We all know how fast the word spread, this trend became viral and everyone started sharing posts and pictures on 2nd October and this day is celebrated as International Chole Bhature Day alongside Gandhi Jayanti. This story really speaks about the love for this dish and created its own legacy in coming years.

By the end of this blog, you must be getting the craving about grabbing a bit of Chole Bhature. It’s a treat, not only to your taste buds but also satiates your mind. This God-sent food will give comfort to your guilty pleasures and knowing more about this amazing dish must have enlightened you and given a wholesome experience. So, what are you waiting for, go grab a bite of Chole Bhature at home now and enjoy the flavours that will fill your tummy. 

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