Winning Recipes: Navratri Special

1.Kesariya Rabdi


  • LTR full cream milk
  • 4 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/4 tsp saffron strands soaked in 2 spoon milk
  • 1 teaspoon cardamom powder
  • 4 teaspoon mix powder of almonds, cashews, walnuts
    few raisins and dates How To Make:
  • In a wide pan, add milk, let it boil, add saffron and cardamom powder,
  • stir it and add sugar, turn the flame low, pull the creamy layers aside,
    and let the milk cook till it gets 1/3 quantity, add nuts powder,
    and dried fruits, let it cool down , garnish it as per your choice,
  • chill it and serve it. –Upasna Bhatia

2. Singada atta Puri with green chatni

1 bowl singada atta add 3 boil mashed potatoes green chillies cumin seeds chopped coriander leaves black little pepper powder.Now mix it n make round shape Puri and deep fry it on medium flame.

How To Make:

  • For chatni take some coriander leaves + ginger+ cumin seeds+green chillies then grind it. Dry fruits Rasam Take milk boil it add some sugar and chopped dry fruits n nariyal powder make it thick..then add kesar n gulab’s ready.
    Barfi- take mawa add sugar ,elaiychi Powder ,warm it on medium flame ..then make small pieces …When you made it then serve in #shriandsam designers bowls and plate…it will look more delicious. – Aradhana A Singh

3. Khoya Barfi


100 gm white unsweetened Khoya / Mawa
1/4 cup castor sugar
1 pinch of saffron soaked in milk
1/2 cup desiccated coconut
2 tablespoon clarified butter / Ghee
2 tablespoon coconut flakes
2 tablespoon dry fruits chopped ( almond, cashew, pistachio)

For Tropical Fruite Chutney :
1/2 cup roughly chopped mixed fruits (pineapple, orange, Kiwi, strawberries etc)
1/4 cup sugar.

How To Make:

  1. Crush khoya in a thick pan and add sugar. Mix well. Cook on a slow flame till sugar gets dissolve. Don’t overcook khoya. Remove from flame and add desiccated coconut and saffron. Mix well, switch off the flame.
  2. Grease ring mould / trays with ghee. Add this mixture and press well with hand.
  3. Coat the burfi on both sides with coconut flakes. Grill it both sides on Griddle or frying pan to get a pale golden brown colour.
  4. For Fruit Chutney :Combine the fruits and sugar in a pan and cook on medium flame till it gets tender.
  5. Mix well. Add some water to obtain smooth chutney consistency.
  6. Allow to cool it to room temperature and crush it.
  7. Serve hot Barfi with fruit chutney.  – Rachna Sharma

4. Sabudana cake

Milk – 3 cup
Sabudana/sago – 1/4cup
Sugar – 2 tbsp
Cardamom powder – a pinch
Raisins – 1 tbsp
Chopped banana – 1
Cherry – for garnishing

How To Make:

  1. Soak sago for 3 – 4 hours.
  2. Boil milk in a heavy bottom vessel
  3. Once boiled, keep it in a low flame.
  4. Drain extra water from the sago.add in the milk.
  5. Stir occassionaly for thickening the milk.
  6. Cook well till it gets thick and sago mix in the milk.
  7. Add sugar and mix well.
  8. Remove the vessel from the flame.
  9. Add cardamom powder,raisins and stir allow to cool completely.
  10. Add chopped banana and mix well
  11. Keep in the freezer for 4 – 5 hours
  12. Garnish with cherry and basil leaves – Mukti Sahay

5. PaneerKheer

undefinedAnu Kamra

6. Samak_Rice_Phirni

undefinedDipti Tyagi

7. Sabudana Tikki

Charu Kathuria

8. Sabudana Kheer

Bindiya Bhagnani

9. Fruit cream

Amita Rai

10. FALAHARI Burger

– Veena Jain

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