Kala Channa (Navratri Special)

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Navratri comes just before Dussehra, it is basically nine days prior to that and all days represent each devi. This is celebrated all across India in a very beautiful manner. On Kanjak. Generally, the prasad includes Kala Channa/chickpeas, Poori and Halwa. This is one of the recipes for the prasad. This one is a really healthy dish and a very tasty recipe!

Course: Main Course

Category: Indian

Preparation Time:5-6 Hours

Cooking time: 30-40 Minutes

Total Time: 6 Hours 40 Minutes



Black Chickpeas (1/2 Cup)

Salt (3/4 Tea Spoon)

Haldi/Turmeric Powder (1/2 Tea Spoon)

Red Chili Powder (1/2 Tea Spoon)

Cummin Seeds (1/2 Tea spoon)

Coriander Powder/ Dhaniya (1.5 Tea Spoons)

Oil (3 Table Spoons)



  • Start by taking a colander or a strainer bowl to wash the chickpeas, after that. Let them dry once.
Food Bowl/Strainer – Elis
  • Then pour them out in a mixing bowl and then put three cups of water on it. After that leave for 5-6 hours to let the chickpeas soak the water.
Mixing Bowl – Lava
Mixing Bowl- Anti Skid 
  • After these many hours, the chickpeas will be swelled up and they will be almost double the size. Now Drain the water again.
  • Now take a pressure cooker, add the chana in it and then add water in it, make sure the chanas are covered under the water.

Pressure Cooker – Signum
  • Then add salt and turmeric powder to the mix in pressure cooker and then put it on high flame. Cook until there are 7-8 whistles.
  • After that, when the steam is out to open the pressure cooker and check if the chickpeas are soft or not.
  • Now take a kadhai and pour some oil in it, then add some cumin seeds in it. They will start crinkling.
Non-Stick Kadhai – Quantum
Stainless Steel Kadhai – Hammered 
  • Now add the boil channa in the kadhai. Cook until the water goes out. Your dry kaala channa is ready to eat.

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  1. Musaafir the Bedouin says:

    Kala Chana is actually one of my favorite lentils. It looks pretty humble, but is packed with plenty of nutrients. Thanks for the recipe! 🤩🤩


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