Rakhi and Independence Day Combo: Gifts under ₹2000

Raksha Bandhan in 2019 is coinciding with 15th August, which happens to be India’s Independence Day. The double whammy; calls for double celebrations for all of us here in India! Though these are two separate celebrations; one is a national celebration and another a religious one but falling together of the two on the same day is definitely going to add the energy of its own and make a difference in the spirits of those celebrating. It’s a day whole country will be celebrating one way or another!

So here are some great combos from Shri and Sam to choose from for your kith and kin. Gifts and presents are the best way of expressing ourselves so enjoy these combos offer:

1. Mini Fry Pan Set of 3 PCS- Rs 597/-

Enjoy cooking food with this Shri and sam Mini Fry Pan and make it even more interesting. The non-stick’s coating quality makes it easy to clean and maintain it too.

This mini fry pan comes with a bakelite colored handle that is completely heat resistant. This non-stick fry pan can be used to cook several things like an omelet, fish, meat, stir-fried vegetables, etc. It has a smart design which makes it a great addition to your kitchen. 

2. Rich Tray Set- Rs 809/-

Rice Tray(Majestic) + Queen Serving Tool

Rice Tray(Majestic)

This oval rice tray has made out of the best stainless steel. This is ideal for every kitchen, restaurant, hotel, gifting. This utensil is dishwasher safe and with an attractive box packing. Fine Finished edges. This is also comfortable to lift & ever shine like a mirror.

Queen Serving Tool

Serving tools that can be used for serving food from cookware/serveware to plates. Serving tools are medium size in length (10 inches/ 28 cm). Brings confront in serving food. 

3. Coffico Combo- Rs 899/-

Tartos Mug + Sauce Pan 

Tartos Mug(1000ml) 

Tartos mug is perfect for all types of beverages, may it be hot or cold. This mug has an open mouth that ensures easiness while drinking from it and it is soothing to the lips. This mug is a must-have as it can be used every day and will last a long time.

Sauce Pan with Ring Handle(14cm)

This product is in steel color and has a mirror finish which makes it look beautiful in any kitchen. This saucepan is perfect for making coffee, tea warming milk and much more. This is a heavy bottom saucepan which is compatible with gas stove. This saucepan is in belly shape and can suit any type of kitchen, also storing this product in your kitchen is quite easy as it can be hanged anywhere is on the wall as it has a hole at the bottom of the handle.

4. Kitchen Combo Set of 2- Rs 1399/-

Bowl with Whisk + Potato Masher

Bowl with Whisk

This versatile range of products has all the things you need for a well-equipped home & kitchen. They are manufactured with high-quality stainless steel that is hygienic and rustproof. 

Potato Masher

This potato masher is a utilitarian addition to your kitchen utensils. Works great for mashing boiled potatoes. Also useful in mashing vegetables while preparing pav bhaji, parathas, and masala dosas. These can be an ultimate addition to any type of kitchen due to their modern looks.

5. 45 PCS Dinner Set (3 People)- Rs 1899/-

This dinner set is a setting of 3 people. This is a perfect dinner set for smaller families and this is the set that can be perfect for any type of table setting, due to its elegant looks. this dinner set can be used for everyday use and still it will last a very long time, this dinner set can be used for generations. This dinner set has all the utensils to have a perfect meal with your loved ones.  This combo is a complete value for money as this serving and storage set is a great add on to your kitchen.

So let’s get ready to enjoy the double dhamaka Raksha Bandhan of 2019 brings this 15th of August. Let’s soak in the celebrations and make it a day to remember.

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