Cooking Tips: Given by our valuable audience

Indian food is delicious, but the recipes look really hard. You need help: 

So we decided that we know the cooking tips from people like you. And we got lots of tips from our valuable audience, Some of these we are going to share here:

  • There are special spices that people refer to as the secret ingredients. These include cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, and chili peppers. Store spices in a cool dark space because heat will cause spices to lose their flavor.
  • Coconut oil will add flavor to your food. You can fry anything in coconut oil and it will taste better. Olive oil can be used in salad dressing. These oils are healthier than vegetable oils.
  • If you make anything and it is fresh you can add salt to increase the flavor. Salt can save you from a failed dinner recipe. Just add a pinch of salt and flavor your dish –   Priyanka Gupta


  • Add a spoonful of Malai in gravies to make it more delicious and rich.
  • Pouring little water on the covers of Kadhai while cooking dry veggies, makes them cook fast – Nisha Tomar


  • If I forget to soak Rajma or chole, and I have to cook them instantly. I pressure cooker them and after 3 whistles I add cold water and then again pressure cook them. They boil perfectly.
  • Add roasted besan (gram flour) to gravies to make them thick and enhance the taste –   Tamanna Mittal 


  • I add warm water & milk while kneading the dough for softer chapatis. I add a little rava to pakoda batter to make them crispier. 
  • To prevent milk from sticking to the bottom, add a little water before pouring milk, milk will not stick and burn –   Sujata D 


  • If our kheer gets brunt, then transfer it in another bowl and add boiled potato in it and the potato will consume all the burnt flavor and kheer is ready to bee served to guests. 
  • While making a cake, always dust-dry fruits in flour and then add them to the cake batter and by doing this the dry fruits will not settle down in the batter they will get evenly spread in the cake – Meenakshi Kapur


  • While boiling potatoes, add a pinch of salt, it helps in peeling the skin easily –   Anita Negi Dubey


  • My signature dish is a matter paneer. To make it rich and creamy I add powdered cashews, badam, and kuskus. Finally adding Kasuri method does all the finale –    Vijayalakshmi Ramakrishnan


  • Add Kasturi Methi in any vegetable. It will change the color and flavor of the vegetable –  Deepika Amit Gupta


  • Boil half cup of water then add some tea leaves, with cadmium powder and a half cup of milk as well. Your tea is ready to serve – Ankita Bedi 


  • When making Pav Bhaji or anything which needs color red add beetroot in it giving natural color rather than using artificial –   Sheetal Kapur


  • My kid’s love cake I usually bake an eggless cake so I add powder nuts to it, as it adds flavor and goodness and health for kids. Hope these tips are useful – Taruna Gupta


  • Pour lemon juice with sugar and a little salt into ice trays, to make cubes that can be used for instant lemonade –  Veena Jain


  • If salt increases in sabji, chap, shahi paneer..add little Mayonnaise in it. It decreases its salty taste –    PRadhika Prat Panchal


  • Put a used lemon in the cooker while boiling potatoes, beetroot or lotus stems it would avoid the aluminum Cooker from turning black –     Jayshree Malhotra


Thanks to all who shared their tips. If you enjoyed these tips comment below & Keep loving us.

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  1. sabari Dhar says:

    Thank u for sharing these important tips… It will surely help in my cooking 😊😎


  2. Ujwala kedare says:

    Gulab jamun Rasbhare aur soft banane ke liye one kg ke ke liye 250 gm wheat flour dalana Chahiye.julabjamun soft aur Rasbhare banate hai.


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