Everything you need to know about cooking in stainless steel

When it comes to making a switch to stainless steel utensils, people often start with an expectation – that whatever they cook in it and however they cook it, it will not stick. Well, let Shri and Sam burst this myth for you and tell you how to go about cooking in these utensils.

Cooking with stainless steel isn’t as simple as cooking with utensils coated with Teflon. However, Shri and Sam believes that the effort to learn stainless steel cooking is definitely worth the benefits you get from it. Stainless steel is more durable and healthier than other type of utensils. Hence, here is your guidebook to know what and how to cook in stainless steel.

Why does your food still stick in stainless steel utensils?

There is a very prevalent belief that stainless steel is totally non-stick. However, there is much more to this seemingly simple benefit. Stainless steel does have a porous surface that prevents foods from sticking. However, if you do not use the pan at the right temperature or cook food without proper amount of water or oil, your foods will stick and you might feel you have wasted your money on these utensils. So, let us set your basics of stainless steel utensils correctly.

Set the temperature right

As a thumb rule, always remember that when you cook in stainless steel pans, the temperature that you set should be uniform and right. Now, the question arises, how to know if the temperature is right? Follow these five steps.

Step 1: Heat the pan on the stove.

Step 2: After a minute, sprinkle a few drops of water into the pan. When you do this step, two things can happen:

The water droplets will immediately evaporate after they touch the pan. If this happens, it means you need to heat the pan for a little more time till you achieve what is stated in the second point.
The water droplets become spherical and do not evaporate immediately. If you pick the pan and tilt it, the water will tilt along. If this happens, your pan is READY.

Step 3: Remove the water from the pan using absorbent paper or kitchen towels.

Step 4: If the food that you plan to cook is sticky in nature, then it is best that you oil the pan evenly. If you think it’s getting too heated, you could also reduce the heat a little.

Step 5: Add the food and happy cooking.

Ways to cook different kinds of foods in stainless steel

Now, we know how to set the pan temperature right so as to avoid the foods from sticking. Next, it is also important to know how to cook different kinds of food in your stainless steel utensils.

To make things less sticky, you can differentiate your foods into two categories:

Wet foods: those that are rich in fat and water content

Dry foods: those that do not have high fat or water content

Now, as a general rule, dry foods stick more while cooking than wet foods. Hence, whenever cooking such foods, you should coat your utensil with oil, butter or some kind of fat.

On the other hand, wet foods are easier to cook when it comes to sticking. In fact, they may even be cooked without any extra fat content as they may release their own when cooked at the right temperature.

We hope Shri and Sam set your basics of using stainless steel utensils right. Now, have a look at our stainless steel kitchenware range that is simply irresistible, Click on the link: https://shriandsam.com/collections/stainless-steel-cookware





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