10 Gifting Ideas Under ₹5000

This festive season is really an important one, as Diwali is approaching we all have to give gifts to our relatives. And the cycle keeps going on year after year. This is the season of festivals in India, everything is so bright and charming. The colors, the lights, the sweets and much more important than that, tonnes of gifts going around family and friends. So Diwali is approaching and so is one question, what to gift to all relatives? Do not worry, here are a few ideas under Rs. 5000 that can be great gifts for your friends and family. Instead of opting for the same gifts that you opted last time, these options are worth checking out. These are some mesmerizing ideas that you ll love for sure.

The festivals are approaching with a full swing and now is the time when companies are giving discounts, so hurry and Grab it quickly. So instead of finding last minute ideas, that can be expensive at times, you will be sorted in advance and also might end saving up money. So make this time worth and gift your loved ones, not just gifts but memories.

These are 10 ideas that can change your mind: –

  1. Stainless Steel Lid Bowl With Copper Plating – FrescoPrice: Rs. 949
    This is a beautiful looking storage set by Shri and Sam. This lid bowl set is built with premium quality stainless steel that has a copper plating on it, which enhances its looks and makes it look pretty on kind of home setting. this has a copper colored finish from outside that gives its stylish and posh looks. Imagine filling it with dry fruits or sweets, this lid bowl set can be a perfect gift for any kind of relative. This Lid bowl set has a very pocket friendly price, also this lid bowl set has special discount of twenty percent off as well. So hurry and Grab it as soon as possible!
  2.  Stainless Steel Canister Tray Volga Price: Rs. 1099/-

    This is another piece of art by Shri and Sam, built again from superior quality stainless steel, that has a copper plating on the outside. the set has silver color on the inside while its got copper color outside. The set has a shiny finish that looks really very good and enhances the essence of the product. This serving tray set comes with a tray and can be a perfect gift if it is packed with dry fruits or sweets. This storage set is a perfect gift as it also has superb packaging. It makes the product more Royal and gives a very good impression when you gift it to someone.

  3. Storage Canister with Air Tigh glass Lid – CanteraPrice: Rs 1099/-

    This is a brilliant gifting idea, as this is a great storage cum serving set, this is called Cantera, this set has two containers to store and serve with lids, this is a perfect gift after filling dry fruits or sweets in it. This can be suitable for any kind of relative or friend. This can be perfect for several occasions too, may it be this festival season or any other occasion apart from that. This set is made from good quality stainless steel and has copper finish from the outside, whosoever you give this to, will get highly impressed by you.

  4. Caldera NonStick Cookware
    Price: Rs. 2960/-
    This non stick cookware a set of 3 is an essential and can be very handy in Indian kitchens as it includes a fry pan, kadai with glass lid and a dosa tawa. This cookware set is built in heavy gauge aluminum and is coated with 3 layers of non stick coating inside and Heat resistant coating on the outside. The inside is colored grey while the outside and handles are blue in color. This product has an induction bottom which means these utensils are compatible with all heating sources like gas, electric, induction etc. This product is durable enough to last a very long time. This is a perfect gift for any type of occasion and can be a very useful gift too for any person as this is an everyday requirement at home.
  5.  Fry Pan Linocut Triply2-min_7ecc75c7-ee3f-406b-8b48-ab2d3ca5ea7a_large_cropped.jpg
    Price: Rs. 3295/-

    Imagine all the benefits of non stick cooking with the healthy combination of stainless steel. This is the ideal product for any kind of kitchen or person who is looking for something niche. This has been launched in India for the first time by Shri and Sam. This non stick coating on the stainless steel kadhai also gives an advantage than a regular non stick product, you can use metal kitchen tools now on your non stick product without the fear of it losing its non stick cooking. This is a new innovation in cooking and anyone you give to, will remember this for a long time, as this kadhai is long lasting and even after years this gift will remind of you. So for creating memories, choose this gifts for your friends and family.

  6. Lavish Cutlery Set- 24 PcsPrice: Rs. 3595

    Are you searching for a high quality cutlery set ? If you do , then Shri and Sam has a stunning set for you: The Lavish 24 Pcs Cutlery Set which is ideal for 6 people. The set contains 6 of the following items each:- Tea Spoon, Dessert Spoon, Dessert Fork, Dessert Knife.

    Furthermore, this high quality stainless steel set is a reliable cutlery set that comes with sand blasting coating that assists in holding the piece in the hand. The handle has a matt finish on it while the upper part has a mirror finish. This one can be fancy gift for any kind of relative for diwali gift. But this would make sure that the person who gets the gift is highly impressed by you. This cutlery set is perfect because of its ultimate design and superior looks.

  7.  Lush Cutlery Set- 24 Pcs
    Price: Rs. 3595/-
    Linkhttps://bit.ly/2EqAe5AWhen it comes to premium quality cutlery sets, Shri and Sam is certainly the brand to look forward too.The Lavish Cutlery Set represents a great addition to your home and helps you place great eating instruments at your dinner table. The acute design of this cutlery set enhances your dining experience. This is a very bright gift for anyone, as this has got a really classy finish and very elegant design, using this will make them feel special. And the person will always remember your gift. This is apt for any kind of occasion.
  8. Feast Cutlery Set- 24 PcsPrice: Rs 3595/-

    Made out of premium stainless steel, the set is durable and has a long life preventing you from doing additional investments. This cutlery set has an elegant design that has a basic idea of daily use. This dinner set has a two tone finish on it, which makes it a really pretty gift as well. This Diwali gift this cutlery set to all your friends and family and highly impress them.

  9. Dinner Set -Shagun- 68 Pcs
    Price: Rs. 4599/-
    Linkhttps://bit.ly/2AcYHaqGet your kitchen a very well established look and ensure a better way of living by getting this 68 pcs stainless steel dinner set from Shri and sam. This dinner set is made from food grade quality stainless steel which makes it a brilliant product and an ultimate combo. The quality from which the dinner set is made is a premium quality stainless steel that makes it a way healthier life than the regular aluminum products. This Dinner Set is perfect for any kind relative or family friends as a Diwali gift, as this will last a very long time, they will be highly impressed by you.
  10. Dinner Set stainless Steel- Budget – 40 Pcs – Double Wall
    Price: Rs 5399/-
    Discounted Price: Rs. 4050/- (Apply coupone code: BULK25 on the checkout page for discount)
    For those who have preference to have an imperial dinner, if you want every appetizing dish to be served in a perfect ware. Targeting such needs and keeping the demand of style in mind, we have crafted this Shri and sam 40 pc Double Wall Dinner Set in an elegant and charming look. This dinner set is highly durable and very easy to maintain and since this is a budget dinner set, it is lighter to pockets as well. This Shri and Sam dinner set will be like a one time investment which will make sure you do not have to spend money again and again. This can be a bright gift for anyone as this will be premium product in their everyday life and that will leave a high impression of you, now this will become memory if something lasts for so long.




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