Diwali: Why Buy Kitchen Utensils & Important Dates


6 Reasons Why Diwali is the Ideal Time to Buy Kitchen Appliances as Gifts

Diwali is that part of the year which is most celebrated by people all across India. It is also the time when most of the people make big purchases or buy new things for themselves or the house. Another really important thing is, that it is considered auspicious to buy kitchenware product on Diwali. The reasons for the same are: –

A). Most Online stores have really bright discounts while the festive season is on, specially on Diwali and Dhanteras.

B). A lot of stores or online stores also do exchange of goods, where they take old equipment in return of a new one at a mere cost.

C). New equipment in the kitchen will take off workload from the person who handles kitchen in this busy festive season of Diwali.

D). Buying kitchen steel utensils particularly is considered auspicious because  it is said that it brings a lot of food in the kitchen. It is believed that their will never be any shortage of food at your home and everyday you will be blessed to have food easily.

E). It is said that buying kitchen steel utensils brings abundance of prosperity at your home. Amongst all your family members at home.

F). Another important thing said is that with the coming good luck, you will be able to keep all the negative energy at bay (away from your home)

Important Dates of Diwali 2018

Dhanteras – 5th November,18 ; Tuesday

This is the first day of the festive season, it is considered the most auspicious day to buy gold, silver or any kind of utensils for the kitchen. This is done as a symbol of prosperity and good luck. If any person buys any kind of silver or gold the that is considered as good luck for the family. Apart from that it is also an investment if you look at it from financial point of view. People generally, get Maa laxmi and Lord Ganesh coins that weigh from 5 to 10 grams. You can also buy gold jewelry or silver jewelry, this will please your wife too. Check Out Shri and Sam to buy kitchenware products.

Diwali Dhanteras 2017

Narak Chaturdashi – 6th November,18 ; Wednesday

This is the second season of this grand Hindu festival. It is also commonly known as Choti Diwali. It is said that it was on this day that Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali, destroyed Demon Naraksura. It is considered a day of triumph of Good over Evil. On this day, the ideal gifts are considered to be the idol statues. Like Lord Ganesha or Maa Laxmi. You can also gift Diwali decorative, like diyas and lights.


Lakshmi Puja/Diwali – 7th November,18 ; Thursday

This is the most significant datas this is the day celebrated as Diwali. This is the day when Lord Ram came back to Ayodhya with Maa Sita and brother Lord Laxman. This is the day when we do puja of Maa Laxmi to pray for wealth. This is the day when everyone does puja at their homes with their families. Even offices are open for a puja. People celebrate this day by firing crackers and playing cards. People also exchange gifts with each other and eat sweets. Copper Serving Set from Shri and Sam can be a perfect gift for Diwali.


Bhai Dooj – 9th November,18 ; Saturday

The last day of this festive season is Bhai dooj, this is also a very important day of this season. It is similar to Raksha Bandhan which celebrates the eternal bond of love and trust between brothers and sisters. You can shop some exclusive gifts this Bhai Dooj from www.shriandsam.com


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