10 Gifts Under ₹2000/-

The start of this month marks as special, since with it, the season of festivals is here. With the approaching festivals, a lot of us would have to give gifts to a lot of people and  if you still do not know what you would give, then this definitely is the right read for you. These gifting ideas are surely great and perfect for all types of occasions, may it be Raksha bandhan or Id. Enjoy these products only at www. ShriandSam.com

1. Serving Bowl Set with Tray- Miska

serveware-serving-bowl-set-with-tray-miska-2684628729902_1080x.jpg  serveware-serving-bowl-set-with-tray-miska-2612666105902_1080x.jpg

Price: ₹ 1139/-
Link: https://goo.gl/quneMH

Boost any kitchen decor and also ensure a healthy way of life by bringing home a magnificent stainless steel storage and serving set that has different colored bowls. Made of premium, food-grade quality stainless steel, the storage and serving set prevents food contamination. A mirror finish assures this set a lavish look that will surely make your dining experience with family and friends memorable. Since this serving bowl set is pocket friendly, it could be a great add on to any kitchen or a gift option for family and friends.


2. Vacuum Flask- Flacon


Price: ₹ 1295/-
Link: https://goo.gl/fdmA7s

Looking to beat the heat, this summer, by keeping your drink hot or cold for a long time, then Shri and Sam brings you a solution to it, get yourself this Flacon Bottle made from premium quality stainless steel which makes it BPA free. The bottle has silver color, that has a matt finish to it. Apart from that this has 2P action stopper:press and pour without removing the stopper, this really eases the way of using it. This bottle is completely leak resistant and also has an extra cup to drink together with a friend. The exclusive  price and great utility makes it a perfect office gift and a lot more.


3. Handi Set- Klasiko

Price: 1499/-
Link: https://goo.gl/ruPCiS

An essential Handi Set by Shri and Sam for all kitchens as this can be used to cook as well as store. This handi set can be used to cook and serve a lot of Indian curries, biryani and a lot more for authentic Indian dining experience. With its impressive looks this set can also be a great gifting option for small occasions or it can uplift your dining experience if you use it for everyday.

4.  12 Pcs Gold Cutlery Set – Seeba

Price: 1699/-
Link: https://goo.gl/wc987o

Crafted from the superior quality stainless steel, Shri and Sam’s  cutlery Set is gold in color and has a mirror finish to it. The thickness of this cutlery set is ideal and makes sure it eases your eating experience. his cutlery set looks subtle yet elegant and this makes it ideal for both everyday use or having a party at home. The one you gift it to, would definitely be impressed by you.

5. Serving Bowl 2 Pcs – Glory

serveware-serving-bowls-with-lid-set-of-2-pcs-glory-2684716417070_1080xPrice: 1709/-
Link: https://goo.gl/rMydtF

This Shri and Sam product is crafted in high quality stainless steel that ensures its durability and its majestic looks can be right for any kind of countertop. This serving bowl set has a shiny hammered finish on the outside with copper color on it and matt finish on the inside.This serving set has double wall on it, which means that whenever you put anything too hot or too cold in it, it won’t feel the same from outside while you hold it. This is good for serving nuts, candies, namkeen, biscuits, fruits etc. Gifting this is the right way to go for several occasions.

6. Thali Set Double Wall – Nikki

dinner-set-thali-set-double-wall-nikki-2682636795950_1080x.jpgPrice: 1795/-
Link: https://goo.gl/Qx92Jp

With the coming occasions like Independence Day and Rakhi, this Thali set is perfect for those kind of occasions. This thali set is built from premium quality stainless steel and has a mirror finish on it. This thali set by Shri and Sam is perfect combination of durable utensils and it assures the longevity of this thali set.

7. Pudding Concreto Set

Price: 1895/-
Link: https://goo.gl/dm9Ka2

Now serve delicious and tempting desserts that you have prepared for your loved ones in the Shri and Sam pudding set in the most stylish way. The bowls have a shiny finish on the outside and a matt finish inside, they are silver in color.  This pudding set is perfect to serve all kinds of desserts like halwa, pudding, cake, ice cream etc. this pudding set can be ideal choice to present in front of guests if you want to impress them. The spoons have shiny finish on the eating end and the handles have a matt finish for fine grip to hands.

8. Serving Set – Farmhouse

Price: 1895/-
Link: https://goo.gl/s8YCv3

Farm House Serving Set is the best combination of stainless steel that bring style and ease in your kitchenware collection. Whether you’re hosting a lunch or dinner party with your friends, following the right serving tools can be quite overwhelming. An excellent choice if you are revamping your kitchen utensils or current serving set.

9. Cutlery Set 24 Pcs – Flowerish

Price: 1899/-
Link: https://goo.gl/zJ5CyR

Bringing some style to your dinning table with the elegant charm of Shri and Sam24 pcs flowerishcutlery set. This cutlery set is crafted in tailor-made raw material to make it the ultimate dinning experience. Shri and Sam has made this cutlery set appealingly thick so that it is long lasting product.

10. Cutlery Set 24 Pcs . – Shaffield

cutlery-24-pcs-cutlery-set-shaffield-2379927584814_1080x.jpgPrice: 1999/-
Link: https://goo.gl/9jQu8C

This traditional cutlery set by Shri and Sam is the most suitable choice for everyday lavish meals. This cutlery set is made in 430 stainless steel and has a line design on the handle. This cutlery set has a mirror finish to it which makes look sophisticated on the dinner table. This cutlery set is cup rolled which means it is designed in a fashion that helps you eat your food easily. The Shri and Sam shaffield cutlery set is a symbol of style and ornateness.

So, these are a few gifting options that Shri and Sam offers during these festival season, For more such products visit www.ShriandSam.com and you can apply coupon SNS25 to get a discount of 25%.











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