Care To Know More on Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Cutlery


Shri and Sam stainless steel cutlery is tough, substantial, environment friendly, preserves originality and besides its admiring looks, it is really easy to clean it.

However, it is true that time has a stubborn effect on the best of cutlery which looses its shine over time. But you do not have to worry about that because it takes a few easy and very effective ways to clean it.

How To:-

You should always make sure to clean your cutlery before you put it in a dishwasher with hot water. This will basically remove all the food particles and acids from the cutlery.

Whenever you are using dishwasher make sure that the handle of the spoons and forks are facing down and vice-versa for knives. Also make sure that the articles are properly kept  in the dishwasher in proper spaces so that there is no blockage or any kind of resistance in cleaning them.

Whenever you are done washing them, please make sure that you dry your cutlery with a dry towel or to preserve its shiny finish you can also put some olive oil on the dry towel.

Just like other products or things require special assistance time to time, same is with stainless steel cutlery. Try and prepare a mix of baking soda and dish liquid in order to clean your cutlery 2-3 times a year.

Keep the Shine

Generally, we tend to buy new cutlery whenever ours is looking a bit or a little change in the color. Now you can save the shiny finish by using polish or lemon oil to make it retain its shine.



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